MEA NATURA Pomegranate
Hand cream

Anti-ageing moisturizing hand cream.
Botanical and fruits extracts. Essential minerals. Bio-saccharides.
Anti-ageing. Moisturizing. Cell renewal. Rejuvenating. Softness. Radiant skin.
Mediterranean origin. 94% natural origin.


Цена с ДДС 6.20 BGN

Anti-ageing moisturizing hand cream with organic pomegranate seed oil*, citrus extracts, and Natur–All–Youth**, a combination of active ingredients of natural origin that provide the skin with protection against signs of ageing. Contains fruit acids (AHAs), bio-saccharides, and organic compounds of essential minerals which, thanks to their anti-oxidizing action, contribute to rejuvenate and nourish the skin. With rich non-greasy texture, it spreads easily and gets absorbed instantly. Suitable for young & mature skin.
*Pomegranate seed oil from certified organic cultivation.
**Νatur–All–Youth: Active natural complex against signs of ageing skin.

Rich non-greasy texture. Absorbed instantly. Suitable for young & mature skin.

How to use: Apply the cream on clean hands and spread evenly with gentle movements. Use daily to keep skin hydrated, young and extremely soft. Avoid contact with eyes. Use only on healthy skin. External use only.

Parabens free. Mineral oils free. Propylene glycol free. Petrolatum free. Alcohol free. Silicones free. Synthetic dyes free.

Dermatologically tested.

Price: 6.20BGN

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