Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using this website. If you use this website, you are deemed to accept and agree to the terms described below.


These General Terms and Conditions comply with the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), as well as with other regulations in force on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. They regulate the relations between Seri Cosmetics Ltd., Belashtitsa village, Tirovete 2A locality, entered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency with UIC 115630721, owner of the FARCOM.BG website and the persons using the online store located on www.farcom.bg. Seri Cosmetics Ltd. has the full rights to unilaterally change the content of the website, as well as the ways to access it.


“USER” – anyone who has loaded the web page www.farcom.bg in their browser, as well as a user within the meaning of the CPA.
“CPA” – means the Consumer Protection Act.
“LPPD” – means the Personal Data Protection Act.
“SITE” – means a website located at www.farcom.bg
“GOODS” – means any product located on the site, including products located in the Order.
“PERSONAL DATA” – means personal data within the meaning of the LPPD.
“CASH ON DELIVERY” – means cash on delivery within the meaning of the PSA.
PSA – means the Postal Services Act.
GENERAL TERMS – means these General Terms. By clicking on any link, button or application located on the site, except for the link pointing to these General Terms, the user expressly and unconditionally agrees to these General Terms of Use.
SERVICES – all actions performed by Seri Cosmetics Ltd. on the occasion of offering, selling and delivering goods from farcom.bg.


The order is made only by phone or online chat, located on farcom.bg. during working hours. Orders placed after 16:00 are processed the next day. The subject of sale on this website are various types of goods intended for consumers arranged in sections. Each product is described with basic characteristics, image, selling price and information on methods of payment and delivery.


The final price of the offered goods is written on the page for presentation of the respective product in Bulgarian levs, except in cases of obvious error. All prices on this website include VAT.
farcom.bg reserves the right to change at any time and without notice the prices of goods offered on the site, and such changes will not affect orders already placed. The customer is obliged to pay the price that was current at the time of the order. In case of technical errors in the publication of information or the use of discount codes during the promotion of the site, farcom.bg has the right to refuse the order and does not owe compensation in any way to the customer, except to refund the amounts paid by the customer, if available.
farcom.bg reserves the right to provide any promotions and discounts for the goods offered on the site, according to Bulgarian law and rules set by farcom.bg. The rules applicable to such discounts are available at the place where the discount is displayed. Discounts can be provided in various forms (eg promotions, loyalty discounts provided individually, randomly or as a result of participation in a competition or customer survey).
Different types of discounts cannot be combined when ordering and purchasing the same product.


Payment is made by cash on delivery at the time of receipt of the goods, the amount being paid to the courier.


Deliveries are made only on the territory of Bulgaria.
The products are delivered by the courier company “Speedy” to the exact address specified by the user or to the office of a courier in the respective city. Delivery time is from 3 to 5 working days. farcom.bg is not responsible for delayed shipment caused by the courier company.
The consumer is obliged to check whether the contents of the shipment correspond to his order before paying the price. By paying the price of the order and delivery, and placing the signature of the consumer on the delivery documents, he agrees with the type and content of the shipment.
In case the consumer notices a damaged product during delivery, a form given by the courier is filled in. The damaged product is replaced and delivered within 1-2 working days, and the customer does not bear any costs.
In case of a wrong or missing product, it is sent on the same or the next working day, and the delivery is at the expense of farcom.bg.


The consumer has the right to return the ordered goods within 14 working days of receipt in case they are not used, the integrity of their packaging is not damaged and the commercial appearance is preserved (all labels, stickers, etc. must be of the goods), in which the conditions of the CPA have been received.
farcom.bg is obliged to refund to the consumer in full the amounts paid by him for the order, provided that the products are not damaged and are in the above-mentioned preserved commercial form. Return is made within 14 working days of receiving the products.
According to the CPA, the consumer is obliged to store the goods received from the supplier, their quality and safety during the 14-day period for refusal of the ordered goods.
The warranty conditions of the respective manufacturer apply to the goods during the warranty period.


The consumer has the right to file a complaint in accordance with the procedure established by the CPA and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the product warranty, if any. If upon receipt of the goods, it is damaged or torn packaging, the complaint will be accepted only in the presence of the courier at the time of receipt of the goods by completing the relevant protocol. In case the customer accepts such a shipment and does not present his claims to the courier, with the receipt and the responsibility for the complaint are transferred to the courier who delivered the shipment to the customer. In such circumstances, the conditions for claiming shipments of the respective courier company apply.


The user has the right to place an order, to refuse an order and to file a complaint in accordance with the established procedure, according to these General Terms and Conditions and the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.
The user has the right to receive information about the order made by him.
The user is obliged to pay the price that was current at the time of placing the order, according to the procedure described in these “Terms and Conditions”.
The user is obliged to observe the internet ethics and the rules when using the products and services provided by farcom.bg.
The user is obliged not to commit malicious acts, as well as not to violate other people’s rights and interests such as property rights, intellectual property rights, etc.
The user is obliged to check whether the contents of the shipment correspond to the order before paying the price. By paying the price of the order and delivery, and placing the signature by the User on the delivery documents, the latter gives his consent to the type and content of delivery.

farcom.bg has the right to:

To refuse orders without any costs for the user, as farcom.bg does not owe him compensation in any way.
To edit the content of the site (prices, conditions, products, photos, information, etc.) at any time without prior notice. The new changes take effect with their publication.
To edit, suspend or change the provided services at any time without notifying the user when the latter uses the services in violation of these “General Terms”.
It is not responsible for differences in product colors due to different resolutions and settings on different screens.
It assumes no responsibility for the possibility that the products do not meet the specific needs of the user of the product or for any loss, damage or injury caused by such products.
Does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the published product information due to technical errors.


Seri Cosmetics EOOD undertakes not to disseminate the data provided by the user when ordering and representing personal data within the meaning of the LPPD, and to use them only for its service. Information provided by a user is used to accept and execute orders, services and offers, customize promotional offers and contact customers to confirm, and execute the order. Seri Cosmetics Ltd. guarantees that the user’s data will not be provided in any form to third parties or used for purposes other than those described above, except in cases where the information is requested by public authorities, which are authorized to do so and in others provided by law cases.
Seri Cosmetics Ltd. is not responsible for actions performed through incorrect information provided by a user.


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